LCPR is a boutique PR agency specializing in global communications for extraordinary architects, designers, luxury brands and unique properties. Our core expertise is an ability to identify talent and create compelling campaigns customized to client's business objectives. 

LCPR clients are the creative forces that shape the way we live and channel the energy of modern life into the very fabric of design. They are deeply exceptional and have ambition to create something beautiful, intelligent, and progressive by pushing the boundaries of conceptual ideas and innovation.

LCPR clients have a unique story to tell. We develop strategic PR agendas to raise profile awareness and establish luminaries as world-class leaders in their field of design.

LCPR partners with clients to analyze their brand DNA and ensure that positioning is on point with their audience and business goals. We articulate design philosophy succinctly and leverage publicity aligned with the design narrative to advance clients in key markets and generate new business.

LCPR has experience creating successful PR campaigns for leaders in design, luxury and travel, with coverage in international markets including the United States, Latin America, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.

LCPR was founded by Louisa Corbett, an Australian PR specialist with a passion for design-driven excellence. Louisa's expertise focuses on brand DNA and creating international pr campaigns for emerging stars and leading lights in design.